The City of David Jerusalem Annual Archaeological Conference, August 29, 2013

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The City of David Jerusalem Annual Archaeological Conference Will Highlight Recent Finds

view of old city from city of david

© The City of David and Ir David Foundation

Have you ever wanted to walk the same paths that Jews walked during the times of both the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem? The City of David, Ir David (in Hebrew) is believed to have been the site of the original Jerusalem founded by King David 3000 years ago. It is located south and a bit more to the east of the Western Wall – see map. On August 29, 2013, the Megalim Institute of Ir David will hold its 14th annual City of David Archaeological Conference that will be free and open to the public. Prior registration is not required, but registration will take place at the entrance. Since space is limited and entrance will only be allowed for about 200 people it is advisable to get there early.

Free Tours at Ir David

Beginning at 3:30 pm there will be free tours of some of the most fascinating archaeological sites still under excavation that are not yet open to the public. Most of the amazing archaeological discoveries, relating to the history of ancient Jerusalem during the reign of the kings of Israel when the First and Second Jewish Temples stood, have been found in digs in and near Ir David.

The most recent discovery found near the Gihon Spring was part of a ceramic dish from the 8th to 7th century BCE that has ancient Hebrew writing on it, and this will be on display at the conference. It is believed this shard was from a bowl made between the reign of King Hezekiah and King Zedekiah who reigned when Jerusalem was destroyed by the Babylonians about 586-87 BCE. Another discovery that will be on the tour route will be a water cistern from the time of the First Temple.

city of david warren's shaft

© The City of David and Ir David Foundation

Reception and Free Lectures at Ir David

After the tours there will be a reception and greetings at 6:30 pm in Area E of Ir David. Books published by the Megalim Institute will be on sale at discounted prices. This will be followed with lectures by the experts in Hebrew.

At 7:15 pm the First Session about the Temple built by King Solomon, Shlomo Ha’melech and its fortifications, as well as reflections on the City of David from the 8th century BCE until 70 CE will be led by expert archaeologists and professors.

Following a break at 8:15 pm the Second Session will focus on new archeological discoveries, including new thoughts on the Tomb of Absalom, Avshalom, the son of King David and Ma’acah.

Getting to the City of David

It is best to go by public transportation because sometimes parking lots, especially at Mount Zion, are full. If you come by public transportation you will also have less walking to do, as Egged buses nos. 1, 2 and 38 will take you right to the entrance to the Western Wall. Walk down the road that exits from the Western Wall near the Dung Gate and then cross the main road and continue down Ma’alot Ir David Road that will take you straight there. Ir David is just west of the Arab village of Silwan. For further information phone: *6033 from all phones.

Parking Near Ir David

Parking is available in parking lots at Mamilla and Mount Zion. From here you have to go by foot. If you park at Mamilla then walk through Jaffa Gate and turn right to the Armenian Quarter. Turn left on St. James Street which becomes Or Chaim and this takes you into the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. From here you can turn right to the bus stop and walk down the Ramparts Walk to the Dung Gate, or go straight ahead past the Hurva Synagogue and turn left into the square. At the end of the square near the small bank turn right past all the fast food eateries and restaurants (you may want to stop to eat and drink here) until you come to the Moriah Book Shop where there are stairs that go straight down past the glorious giant gold Temple Menorah to the Western Wall, the Kotel Ma’aravi. You might first want to stop at the Western Wall of the Second Temple. From here continue according to the above directions.

If you park at Mount Zion you might want to first stop at King David’s Tomb and then continue walking down the Ramparts Walk from the bus stop in the Jewish Quarter to the Dung Gate, or you can take the stairs from the Jewish Quarter near the Moriah Book Shop down to the Western Wall Plaza. (See full instructions above).

Did You Know?

A highlight of the conference will be motorized bicycle tours to the Tomb of Absalom, a son of King David by Ma’acah.

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