Security at Ben Gurion Airport

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Security at Ben Gurion Airport – Hi Tech Solutions

The first place you will see in Israel is usually Ben Gurion Airport. Located 15 kms from Tel Aviv and 45 kms from Jerusalem, it is ideally located for easy access to the center of the country. Nicknamed the “Natbag” it is considered to be one of the world’s most secure, if not the most secure airport in the world. It has also garnered some impressive awards:

  • In 2006, The Natbag won first place among 40 European airports as the most passenger friendly airport and eighth place among 77 world airports competing to be the world’s most passenger friendly airport.
  • It was also awarded the Roll of Excellence by the Airports Council International for ranking top 5 in Airport Service Quality from 2007-2011.
Ben-gurion airport

Departures Lounge at Ben Gurion Airport


Israel has invested a lot of high tech know how in developing ways of making the airport secure without unnecessary procedures. For instance security is maintained without full body scanning, a technique that uses radiation to literally strip a person naked on a scan to make sure they are not harboring weapons or explosives. Besides protecting a passenger’s modesty and privacy, something which has caused some people to refuse to be screened, Israel’s choice not to use this system eliminates exposure to unnecessary radiation. Use of this technology is the subject of serious concern. The debate continues as to whether the machines x-ray technology increases travelers risk of cancer, especially important for frequent travelers. The scanners were recently rejected in Britain after failing to receive the European Commission go ahead following a three year trial period. Israel instead uses a technique called TraceGuard which can detect chemicals used in explosives on a person or in their luggage just by waving a detector over them.

Departures (Photo: joshuapiano, CC BY 2.0)

Departures (Photo: joshuapiano, CC BY 2.0)

Searching for the Suspicious Person

This is only one of several highly sophisticated hidden devices to detect terrorists. Israel concentrates first of all on assessing people and has technology that can help spot a terrorist by detecting a kind of nervous sweat on the face of a possible terrorist. Looking for the terrorist first rather than a weapon has borne fruitful results. Once a suspicious person has been detected then finding his/her weaponry easily follows suit. Likewise if a person is not suspicious then there is no reason to overly subject that person to body searches etc., and no one will ask you to x-ray the yogurt drink in your hand!

Israel Markets Security

Some of these sophisticated devices have been invented at the Technion in Haifa, the intelligence branch of the Israeli armed forces and by private security entrepreneurs. Israel markets its high tech security know how all over the world and many airports like Logan International Airport in Boston now use security techniques that were developed at the Natbag. The Natbag deals with 6-10 million passengers a year which also is a factor in keeping it secure. Lower numbers, intense security airport personnel training, the latest technology and awards for service all combine to offer you an excellent start to your visit.


Ben Gurion  Airport has free wireless Internet access, free trolleys for your luggage and 24 hour duty free shopping?


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