Kosher Food and more at Israel’s Food Festival

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Kosher Food and more at the Matei Yehuda Food Festival

The Matei Yehuda Regional Council is sponsoring an open house food festival from February 21 to March 16, 2013 at the various farms, boutique wineries, restaurants, dairy farms, and breweries in this area. This is a perfect opportunity to explore the countryside and learn more about Israeli culinary delights, including kosher food.

Kosher Food in Israel

A Taste of Israel Israel Tourism CC BY-SA 2.0

This area includes communities in the Judean Mountains, the Judean Plain, the Elah Valley and the area east of Bet Shemesh to Nes Harim and Tzur Hadassah. Bookmark this article for names and phone numbers of places you may want to visit at other times of the year.

“How to”

You can choose from the online catalog (in Hebrew) places you want to visit but you must phone to reserve a time to come to taste a meal. Ask also about the cost of the meals. Families with children are welcome and some places have activities for children.

Art exhibits and music accompany some of the sites. Here are a few of the places you might want to visit. The entire catalog is available online in Hebrew:


Shvil Ezim Kosher Dairy Restaurant, Moshav Tal Shachar, Family Goat Farm, cheese and yogurt, Tel: (08) 949-5964.

Caja Cocolaterie, Moshava Tzafririm, kosher handmade chocolate, pralines, truffles, pralines with liquors for Purim, marzipan, and more. For details phone: 052-3404536.

Moroccan food

Moroccan Food Agnieszka CC BY-SA-2.0

Alia, Moshav Gefen, kosher Moroccan cuisine: stuffed chicken, spicy fish, a wide variety of salads. Also take-outs. Phone (08) 858-2103 or 052-2442804.

Ha’bayit Shel Zohara, Moshav Luzit, kosher ethnic Moroccan cuisine, couscous, meat and chicken dishes. Food is served outside. Phone: (02) 991-1143.

Ha’bayit Shel Osnat, Moshav Agur, kosher homemade traditional Kurdish cuisine. In the winter and spring the Elah Valley is covered with all kinds of wild herbs many of which are used in Kurdish cuisine and Osnat is also offering a course in cooking with these herbs. Tel: (02) 991-2868 or 050-751-0161.

Ma’achlei Nana, Shrigim Leon, kosher Kurdish dishes like chicken in pomegranate, stuffed grape vine leaves, wheat groats in sauce, squash and eggplant, kubeh in soup and more by Grandma Rachel. Take-outs. Phone: 052-240-7232.

Mimi’s Conditoria, Moshav Givat Yeshayahu, kosher chocolate, walnut, apple cakes and cookies either to eat with a cup of coffee or to take home for Shabbat. Tel: (02) 999-8278.

Masa Mung al Cochin, Moshav Aviezer, kosher exotic south Indian food. Tel: 052-595-1787 or 052-5365021.

Italian Kitchen Capri, Tzur Hadassah, kosher dairy, Tel: 050-4020066.

English: Israeli cheese and salad

Israeli cheese and salad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ha’bayit Shel Avi, Moshav Givat Yeshayahu, kosher Kurdish traditional meat dishes served in a wooden house surrounded by beautiful trees. Tel: 052-262-3985 or (02) 999-1420.

Felafel Tzion, Moshav Mesilat Tzion, kosher delicious felafel, homemade pitot, homemade humous. Tel: 054-522-3683.

Cafe Margo, Kibbutz Tzora offers a delicious kosher Friday brunch in a romantic beautiful setting. Tel: 054-522-3683.


Tzora Vineyards offers kosher wine tasting with generous plates of cheese, olive oil and fresh baked bread. Tel: (02) 990-8261.

Mony Winery in the Sorek Valley offers kosher l’mehadrin wine. Tel: (02) 991-6629.

Yafo Winery, Roglit, kosher food, thin pizza with fresh tomatoes, cheeses, vegetables all served with a cup of wine. Tel: 054-4523210, 052-2523201.

Nevo Boutique Winery, Moshav Mata, kosher wine tours only to groups of the vineyards and the wine-making process, dairy meal of cheeses and salads, bread made in the tabun served with wine. Tel: 052-6071780.

Katz Winery, Moshav Mesilat Tzion, kosher wine-tasting and possibility to hold celebrations for up to 80 people there. Tel: 050-2872743, 050-2573950.

Friday Culinary Tours

Moroccan food

Moroccan Food Sharona  CC-BY-SA- 2.0

The Matei Yehuda council is also sponsoring Friday culinary tours for adults only that will visit three different places. All tours will leave by bus from Bet Shemesh. Tours must be reserved and paid for in advance. To register for a tour(s) or to find out more information phone: *8108 or (02) 990-0903.

Two tours are highlighted below:

March 1 – The kosher tour will taste Moroccan cuisine, Kurdish cuisine and cakes and will include visits to art galleries.
March 8 – The kosher tour will taste Moroccan cuisine, Kurdish cuisine and beer.


The Yoav Regional Council is also offering a Food Festival Ta’am Mekomi Yarid Capri – Friday March 15, 2013, 9 am to 3:00 pm – on the lawn of the Yoav Regional Council, Summit Ram? Tel: Tel: 052-426-9601, 054-675-5302.



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