Jerusalem Spring Summer Cultural Events

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Jerusalem Spring Summer Happenings

Jerusalem is not only Israel’s historic and religious capitol, it’s also the center of a breath-taking number of happenings celebrating Israel’s culture and offering something for kids, teens, visitors and residents.

Jerusalem Film Festival July 4-13

The prestigious Jerusalem Film Festival attracts some of the world’s top film directors and personalities to the Sultan Pool and the adjacent Cinematheque close to the Old City for a 10 day cultural bonanza for film buffs. This year’s 30th anniversary festival will open on July 4, 2013 with the film Hunting Elephants an Israeli comedy/crime film directed by Reshef Levy. Also at the festival, Richard Linklater will attend the premiere of his new romantic drama film Before Midnight.

This is the place to catch the very latest Israeli films as well as movie offerings from all over the world. Many of the screenings feature post-film discussions with the director and there’s always lots of opportunity for mingling between movies in the graceful gardens and public spaces of the Cinematheque. Tickets for the festival go on sale Friday, June 21. For further information email: or phone: (02) 565-4356.

Light Festival in Jerusalem

Light Festival in Jerusalem (Photo: Ron Almog, CC BY 2.0 )

Recent Happenings

Light Festival in Jerusalem June 5-13, 2013

One of the most spectacular events that takes place every year in Jerusalem is the Light Festival where the Old City lights up in fantastic colorful displays of lights. The Light Festival brings 250,000 visitors and families out in the warm summer evenings. This year will see the third festival of light with the world’s best lighting design artists from Israel and abroad participating in lighting up the Old City with colorful and unique lights that illuminate the architecture of the Old City and its alleyways. There will also be creative lighting sculptures and designs—some projected on the city walls and ancient buildings; some hanging over the alleyways creating new ways to experience Jerusalem. The sound of music will also reverberate throughout the Old City by various musical groups that are scattered throughout the sites. Entrance is free.

The Israel Festival – May 23-June 22, 2013

View from the Old City, Light Festival, Jerusalem

View from the Old City, Light Festival, Jerusalem (Photo: Ron Almog, CC BY 2.0 )

This very popular month-long festival of art, music, dance, and theater by Israeli and international artists takes place at various venues around Jerusalem. Some of this year’s featured performances include Israeli, Romanian gypsy, Spanish flamenco, Cuban jazz and Estonian music and dance. There are also free performances of street theater, children’s performances and a nightly jazz club. For further information email: or phone: (02) 560-5755.

Did You Know?

In spite of its tiny size and small film industry, 10 Israeli films have been nominated over the years by the Academy Awards for the best foreign language film making Israel one of the 10 most nominated countries, although none won an Oscar.


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