Art, Science, Music Festivals and Free Concerts in Jerusalem, Spring 2013

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Free Concerts in Jerusalem

Spring is a very exciting time to be in Israel. Don’t miss these great festivals coming up this March in Jerusalem, specifically timed for Israeli schoolchildren’s long Passover [Pesach] vacation (usually beginning a week before Passover Seder night). You can probably  find something to please every age and interest.

Jerusalem Arts Festival 2013, March 11-16

This 12th annual Jerusalem Arts Festival is actually a festival of the Performing Arts,  with dancers, musicians, singers and many shows, events, and performances. These are offered to the public at affordable prices or free of charge. Free performances  held at the Jerusalem Theater Plaza will feature local Israeli orchestras, bands and choirs, including a Ladino choir from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm, followed by performances with an international flavor,  such as Arabesque, Dixie, Gypsy, Neapolitan, African and Rock music from 22:30-24:30 pm. “Artistic morsels” will also be presented each evening in the Jerusalem Theater lobby.

Places are limited for the discounted musical, theatrical, and dance shows, so make sure to book tickets ahead of time.  For further information email: or phone: 106.


Science Festival March 17-23

The Bloomfield Science Museum is holding a special Passover [Pesach] festival called iMake,  providing  fun for the entire family. The overall intention of this science festival is to link science to art, culture & ethics. There will be a chance to create giant puppets, a flute (halil) and special markers. Bloomfield, usually regarded a child’s paradise, may be the best place to take bored kids faced with a long Passover vacation! For more information phone (02) 654-4888.

Sounds of the Old City, March 18-21

Sounds of the Old City music festival is built around the four unique Quarters of Jerusalem’s Old City: The Armenian Quarter, the Jewish Quarter, the Christian Quarter and the Moslem Quarter. Admission is free, and dozens of shows & live performances will take place in the actual passageways, plazas, and on the very walls of the Old City. An Armenian musical celebration, traditional Arab music groups, early Christian and Gospel music, and Jewish music & shows will highlight each of these  four unique cultures sharing the Old City. For further details phone: 106.

Free Monday Afternoon Music Concerts

Free Monday Afternoon Concerts are offered by the Musicology Department at the Hebrew University – Mount Scopus in the Humanities Building, Room 2715 at 13:15.

Here are some great upcoming spring concerts scheduled:

March 11, Sivan Magen, Harp: Bach, Brahms, Faure, Renie

March 18, Alon Harari, Contra Tenor; Yonatan Keren, Violin; Katrin Van-Der-Beek, Cello, Recorder; Alon Sariel, Lute: Caccini, Monteverdi, Castello

April 22, Duo Avivit: Haya Livni, violin; Herut Israeli, piano: Aharon, Angel, Lavri, Galai, Braun

April 29, Israel Hayden Quartet: Eyal Kless, Svetlana Simanovsky, violins; Daniel Tanchelson, viola; Shira Mani, cello, Mozart, Ravel

Did You Know?

Did you know that Jerusalem hosts festivals all-year round? Some coincide with the three Jewish pilgrimage festivals, during which males were commanded to appear in the Temple in Jerusalem (aliyah la’regel). These festivals are Pesach (Passover), Succot (Tabernacles) and Shavuot (Pentecost).

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