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Exclusive Israel Jewelry at Factory Prices

Recently, The 19th International Mediterranean Tourist Market (IMTM) Fair took place at the Israel Trade Fairs and Convention Center in Tel Aviv February 5-6 2013. Travel professionals from over 30 countries attended. Thousands of people poured in to try to find out more about exciting places to travel to.


(Photo: Ran Melamed)

At the Israel based YVEL Design Center booth a young Jewish Ethiopian woman was sitting and making beautiful Jewelry, seemingly oblivious to the tumult of hundreds of people passing by and the blaring music. There was a very large intriguing banner above the YVEL display with the words Megemeria School. This turned out to be a fantastic find for jewelry shoppers in Israel.

Pearls and Gold

The world famous and award winning YVEL Design Center for exclusive pearl and gold jewelry based in the Judean hills on the road to Jerusalem was founded in 1986 by Isaac and Orna Levy. Remembering his own childhood, when his parents made aliyah to Israel from Argentina and the difficulties faced by new immigrants, Isaac Levy was determined to do something to help new Ethiopian immigrants to Israel. The result: the Megemeria School of Jewelry and Art.

The Megemeria school offers a rewarding trade that helps new Ethiopian immigrants to be absorbed into Israel. Not only is the tuition for the year long course provided for free, but also each student receives a generous stipend of NIS 4000 a month.

While the majority of the employees at the YVEL Design Center factory are Jewish immigrants from more than 20 different countries, the Megemeria School is exclusively for Ethiopian immigrants and, interestingly, the name Megemeria means Genesis (beginning) in the Ethiopian Amharic language. Megemeria is more than just a school, however. It is also a social business that belongs to its students and the hope is, that eventually, it will become a totally self-sufficient business.


Photo courtesy of Megemeria

YVEL also operates an interesting Visitor’s Center in their beautiful Judean hills location that is just off of the main Tel Aviv to Jerusalem road at Ramat Motza. Please phone in advance to make an appointment: (02) 673-5811. Don’t miss:

· The Precious Jewels Garden Tour among fruit trees, streams and sculptures made out of natural Gem stone is a breathtaking experience.

· The World of Pearls is a unique 3D movie depicting the jewelry making process.

· The Megemeria School Tour is a chance to see this school in action.

· The Production Facility Tour of the state-of-the art factory shows the amazing manufacturing process of diamond setting, goldsmithing, product development, pearl stringing, quality control and more.

The YVEL Wine Tasting Cellar gives you the opportunity to sample, for free, fine Israeli wines from wineries in the Judean Hills.

Israel Jewelry Trivia: Did You Know?

The YVEL Showrooms enable you to view award-winning pearl and gemstone collections, find one-of-a-kind treasures, try on beautiful jewelry for yourself or for gifts  (purchased at factory prices) and to answer questions.


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  1. carnel schwartz says:

    I am a personal shopper and would like to see some pictures of the Etheopian jewellery.


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