About Us

‘Baruch Haba’ means ‘welcome’ in Hebrew.

Founded by people who can’t wait to show you everything Israel has to offer, we invite you to enjoy our new site and get to know Israel’s holy sites, ancient ruins, mountain and desert hiking spots, inviting beaches, multitude of museums, and more. But, don’t expect the usual.


Enjoying the Scenery (Photo: אילן שחור, CC BY 2.5)


Come Tour Israel!

israeli forest scenery

Come Tour Israel! (Photo: Faye Gelb®)

Get the inside scoop from our travel magazine with tips, insights and practical information from locals on how to enjoyably and safely travel this beautiful, historical land.  We provide information you won’t find anywhere else – how not to miss the turn off to Hebron, unusual places to shop in Jerusalem, how to visit the Shuk and more.

Our articles are crammed full of interesting information, attractive pictures and little-known facts.  And, best of all, new content is incorporated continually.

Come and explore the Israel you don’t know. We are here to help!

Additional services are being added all the time to make your vacation planning easy.  Car rentals, cell phones and more.